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Snail4j: Java Performance Education for All

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Snail4j: Java Performance Education for All

Snail4j is a load-test-in-a-box that aims to educate Java developers on software performance. It brings the data center performance firefight to developers’ own computers. Snail4j challenges the end user to solicit predictions1 on software performance experiments, encompassing four main categories of software defects: Persistence, Alien systems, Threads, and Heap (P.A.T.H.).
In this session, live from Toronto, we will explore:
  • Does performance improve with more or fewer invocations to the database?
  • How large must a payload be to degrade transmission time?
  • How much delay is required to really slow down code using Java synchronization?
  • With Snail4j, the end user has a self-paced learning environment where they can finally get their hands on the tough problems that have long been handled only by performance “experts”.
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Presented by: Erik Ostermueller Erik Ostermueller is the author of Troubleshooting Java Performance. He has spent the last 10 years tuning high-throughput Java financial systems in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. At the CMG conference in 2011, his work “How to Help Developers (Finally) Find Their Own Performance Defects” won Best Paper and the Mullen Award for best speaker. The proceeds of this award financed an eight-city speaking tour in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Ostermueller is the founder of and and a contributor to JMeter-Plugins and other open source projects.

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