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5 Professional Development Tips for December

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System Performance Management and Capacity Planning
December 6, 2019
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January 8, 2020

5 Professional Development Tips for December

We’re in the home stretch of 2019 but the last few weeks of the year is an excellent time for a career boost! Here are 5 professional development tips for December:


1) Attend a holiday party OUTSIDE of the office

Tis the season for holiday parties. Whether you are a part of a local professional organization or find one on meetup, take an evening to build your professional network.

Out of business cards? Get the LinkedIn app to connect with new connections on the spot.


2) Start plotting your resolutions

Take some time while things are just a little slower to plan out your goals for 2020. They may be for work or a bit more personal, but it doesn’t hurt to employ the SMART system to your goal setting. Are they Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time bound?

Once you’ve set some goals, you’ll need to write them down. It might be a post-it, note in your phone, or a tool like Asana or Trello. Either way, keep them close throughout the year!


3) Plan for Q1 professional development

The new year brings renewed energy… but don’t let all those new projects bury your professional development goals. December is the time to firm up your plans for conferences and training programs inn Q1 and Q2. There might even be a little extra room in your 2019 budget. We’d like to suggest CMG IMPACT 2020 – the intersection of digital transformation and enterprise IT.


4) Clean your desk

For many, the final weeks of the year will be pretty quiet around the office as people are in and out with their PTO. While you’re waiting on those TPS reports, take a moment to clean your desk. Post-Its from May? Toss ‘em. Business Cards from that Meetup last month? Add to contacts and trash. When you return in the new year, it’ll be so nice to come into a clean workspace.


5) Make Deeper Connection

Lastly, use this month to fortify your relationships and make deeper connections. Send a note of thanks or holiday card to someone who has helped you this year, ask a colleague out to lunch, or invite a peer for a holiday drink.

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