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CMG IMPACT and the Importance of Women in Technology

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November 4, 2019
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CMG IMPACT and the Importance of Women in Technology

As an organization that has been around as long as CMG—40+ years and counting—we have witnessed, and have been a part of, what some would describe as the most exciting decades of technology history. The evolution of our collective digital world has been nothing short of astonishing and the future is brighter than ever before. 

With that 40+ years of perspective, one of the most important changes we have seen, and something that CMG has fostered since its inception, is the continuing growth in the numbers of women within the tech community—30% more women speakers at IMPACT 2020 than in 2019. They bring invaluable contributions to the world of innovation. 

As we move into 2020, and with CMG IMPACT right around the corner, our focus on women and technology remains unwavering. In fact, this year’s event will host a plethora of incredible women within the tech community who are at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation. 

Amy Peck is a keynote speaker at this year’s event. She is a global thought leader in immersive technologies and founder and CEO of EndeavorVR, a leading international VR/AR (XR) strategy and consulting firm. Amy will be discussing Blockchain, the convergence of XR and AI, and delving into emerging technologies that impact our future.

Tuli Nivas, the Principal Performance Engineer at Salesforce, will be presenting a myriad of solutions and transformative measures regarding resource optimization in our ever-changing landscape.

Elisabeth Stahl will also be joining us—she is an IBM Distinguished Engineer currently focusing on Blockchain, Cloud, and IT Infrastructure, and is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and a Senior Member at IEEE. Elisabeth will be tackling the ever-present topic of cybersecurity as it relates to encryption and the importance for all businesses to embrace a more resilient security posture.

Heather Wilde, renowned tech expert, will also be presenting at this year’s IMPACT Conference. Heather is an award winning CTO, Angel Investor, coach and speaker. She was also founding member of Evernote where she oversaw the company’s growth from thousands of customers to 100 million customers. And as a true “Woman in Tech,” she was also one of the only women to have programmed, designed, produced and published a game at the company THQ. At this year’s IMPACT Conference, Heather will explore the concepts of how anticipatory design is the future of product development.

There are, of course, countless more woman presenting, attending, and leading this year’s event—a testament to CMGs dedication to fostering the ideal that CMG was founded upon: technology is for everyone. 

With that sentiment, we look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s event—from familiar faces, to the many new ones who will undoubtedly become life-long attendees. 

Here’s to 2020 and beyond.

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