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Career Advice: Using LinkedIn for your Job Search

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November 5, 2019
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Career Advice: Using LinkedIn for your Job Search

From, here are a few tips on how to use LinkedIn during your job search.

Keep your profile up to date.

According to a recent post on LinkedIn’s blog, LinkedIn members with a profile picture are 14x more likely to receive page views, while those who post skills are 13x more likely to have profile views compared to those who don’t.

Highlight recent experience.

Make sure your profile stays up to date with what you’re working on or recent accolades and experiences. Have you spoken at CMG recently? Add that to your profile!

Be comprehensive about current skills and objectives.

Make sure your current skills and objectives are reflected in your profile and use key words for your role and industry.

Research and follow companies you’re interested in

Staying on top of news can give you indications on potential openings and keep you informed for the interview process.

Get involved in LinkedIn Professional Groups like CMG’s

By engaging in posts or posting your own content, you are sharing your expertise and building awareness.


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