IMPACT Session Announcement: The New World Order of Cyber Security - Computer Measurement Group

IMPACT Session Announcement: The New World Order of Cyber Security

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December 19, 2018
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December 19, 2018

IMPACT Session Announcement: The New World Order of Cyber Security

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About the Session:

The new world of cyber security is one of stark contrast from just a few years ago. With the advent of cloud applications, mobility, IoT, Platform-as-a-Service models, and the new digital economy as driving forces in everyone’s daily lives, there is no longer the concept of the traditional boundary for companies to protect.

Now, instead of the old-school perimeter approach to security, data itself becomes the key asset requiring protection from threats—both internal and external.

In this in-depth session, Bill Dunnion of Calian (one of North America’s leading providers of security products and services) will discuss and deliver insight into how protecting data requires a balance of multiple technologies, rather than deploying a single, silver bullet, in this new world of cyber security innovations, and how to fully encompass the concept of people, process, and technology as the true trifecta of data protection.

Data Encryption
How to implement transparent and efficient data protection at all levels of the enterprise data stack, including the application, database (column or file), file system, full disk (virtual machine), and network attached storage levels.

IAM (Identity and Access Management)
How to create an IT environment that supports Identity and Access Management (IAM) in enterprise IT—designed to ultimately define and manage the roles and access privileges of individual network users and the circumstances in which users are granted (or denied) those privileges.

Behavioural Analytics to Prevent Data Leakage and Insider Threats
How to leverage behavioural analytics (human-centric monitoring) to prevent data leakage and insider threats through the identification of baseline normalized behavior—the real-time ability to uncover abnormal internal/external data access and file movement that matches a compromised credential event.


About the Presenter:

Bill Dunnion is Director of the Office of Cyber Resilience for Calian Group. For more than a decade, Bill Dunnion has been at the forefront of the world of Cyber Security—having led teams responsible for some of the largest and most robust IT security projects over the last 7 years—most notably for Canada’s National Government focused on ID and Access infrastructure for the country’s entire population.

Most recently, Bill has taken on the role of Director of the Cyber Resilience Office at Calian: a world-renowned company with offices and projects that span Canada, the United States, and international markets. In this role, Bill is responsible for the organization’s Cyber Security Solutions team that provides a unique perspective and approach to organizational resilience stemming from Calian’s 20+ years of proven experience in emergency management, cyber security, and business resilience. Additionally, Bill is also responsible for all of the corporation’s internal cyber security, allowing him to bring a unique, end-users perspective to his clients

Bill is also a well known and prominent figure within the North American business security community, appearing regularly as a subject matter expert and thought leader on national media including CBC, CTV, MISA InfoSec, INFONEX, BSides and more.

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