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ITIL Capacity Management for the Newbie

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ITIL Capacity Management for the Newbie

Jamie Baker

Capacity Management is a daunting task for a newbie or newly formed groups involved in the process.  This assists in the basic concepts of Capacity Management and provides practical examples to help the newbie get started.  The items to be covered in the presentation are: ITIL Definition of Capacity Management How Capacity Management fits into other ITIL activities What is the difference between Capacity Management and Performance Management? What information do “I” need to be successful in producing my Capacity Management Plan How do I talk to Business stakeholders about Capacity Management in order to get the information I need and their buy-in to the process? What is a baseline and how does it affects forecasting? What are the different types of Forecasts I can use, and when are the different types appropriate? Examples of Capacity Management scenarios for Mainframe, Virtualized & Distributed systems

Presenter bio: Jamie has been an IT professional since 1998 after graduating from the University of Kent with a BSc in Management Science. After initially working on UNIX systems as an Operator and then a Systems Administrator, he joined Metron in 2002 and has been working on Capacity Management projects and supporting Athene tool ever since. Jamie is now Syncsort Senior Product Manager in Capacity Management with extensive IT experience, specifically within virtualized and distributed systems.


ITIL Capacity Management for the Newbie

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