CMG Journal Winter 2015 - Computer Measurement Group

CMG Journal Winter 2015

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January 21, 2015
IMPACT 2015 Proceedings
January 30, 2015

CMG Journal Winter 2015

CMG Issue 137, Winter 2015

  • Analytics Techniques for Capacity Management: Forecasting and Modeling ( Ann Dowling & Clea Zolotow);
  • Multi‐tier Application Performance Analysis in the Presence of Software Bottlenecks (Subhasri Duttagupta, Manoj Nambiar & Rupinder Virk);
  • Rationale for an IPv6 PDM Extension Header (Nalini Elkins);
  • DevOps for Non‐Functional Test Assurance (Uppara Hampaiah, Mallikarjun Patil, Vijay Paluri & Srinivas Jandhyala);
  • Calibrate Workload Model for Accurate Performance Testing (Benjamin Mao);
  • Implementation of Web Services Using Better Performance Improvement (Madhusudan Mothe & Kamalakar Burle)

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