Conference Proceedings: 2008

Late Breaking: Accessing DB2 for z/OS onSolid State Disks
Jeff Berger

Late Breaking: Case Study: Report on a Network Convergence/Virtualization Demonstration at CWID 2008
Robert Johnson

Late Breaking: Low Cost Accurate Batch Modeling
Neil McMenemy

Late Breaking: Technical Overview of and User Experiences with HiperDispatch and the IBM z10 processors
Bernie Pierce

Computer Performance Evaluation

<head>, <body>, Links and Code: An Introduction to Using HTML to Present Your Data
Scott Chapman

10 Ways to Slow Down Your Java Applications
Peter Johnson

A Kalm Approach to Capacity Planning - Road Rules
Denise P. Kalm

A Simalytic Approach to Modeling Virtualized Environments
Dr Tim R. Norton

Accommodating the Inevitability of Failures in a Computer Center - Using a Simulation Tool
Uriel Carrasquilla

Agile Performance Testing
Alexander Podelko

An Analytical Model for Application Performance Index
Dr. Yiping Ding

An Initial Study of a Process for Performance Evaluation on a Large-scale Commercial System
Dr. Jiang Zheng, K. Eric Harper, Brian P. Robinson

Attribute-based Workload Characterization: An Initial Case Study
K. Eric Harper, Jiang Zheng

Auditing the performance test plan to ensure useful results
Luke E. Lofgren, Brian Emmons

Automating Process Pathology Detection – Rule Engine Design Hints
Ron Kaminski

Automating SMF Data Storage and Reporting for Processes Unknown
Brian J. Farley

Capacity Planning on a Teradata DataWarehouse
David Flynn, Matthew Adamson

CMG-T: Capacity Planning Boot Camp, Part 1 of 3
Neil Gunther

CMG-T: Capacity Planning Boot Camp, Part 2 of 3
Neil Gunther

CMG-T: Capacity Planning Boot Camp, Part 3 of 3
Neil Gunther

CMG-T: Modeling and Forecasting, Part 1 of 2
Dr. Michael A. Salsburg

CMG-T: Modeling and Forecasting, Part 2 of 2
Dr. Michael A. Salsburg

CMG-T: Statistics for Performance Analysis & Capacity Planning, Part 1 of 2
Ray Wicks

CMG-T: Statistics for Performance Analysis & Capacity Planning, Part 2 of 2
Ray Wicks

Computing Missing Service Demand Parameters for Performance Models
Daniel A. Menasce

Dash and Risk! Practical Experience in Implementing Capacity Management Process Audit at Euroclear.
Adam Grummitt, Noel Pierrard

Excelling at DB2 Monitoring and Reporting
Robert D. Andresen

Exception Based Modeling and Forecasting
Dr. Igor A. Trubin

Experiences on Performance Test Simulation & Planning
Shikhar Puri

Getting in the Zone for Successful Scalability
James Holtman, Neil J. Gunther

Getting Software Performance from Your Contractors: Some Best Practices Revisited
Dr. Connie U. Smith

Graphically Determining zIIP Use
Jim Horne

Hands on Workshop on Performance Prediction for Multi-tier Distributed Environment
Dr. Boris Zibitsker

How High Will It Fly? Predicting Scalability
Dr Neil J. Gunther

How to Handle CPU Bound Systems: A Spezialization of Dynamic Performance Stubs to CPU Stubs
Peter Trapp, Christian Facchi

Java Performance Analysis and Tuning
Peter Johnson

Java Performance Measurement and Analysis
Tuli Nivas

Knot not ITIL: How Not to Undo the ITSM Knot using “ITSM from Hell Based on Not ITIL”, Part 1 of 2
Adam Grummitt, Brian Johnson

Load Testing on a Budget
Peter Johnson

Lots of data and Analysis Led us to a DB2 Performance Problem – NOW WHAT?
John S. Van Wagenen

Mainframe LPAR Capacity Planning using SMF Type 70 Records
Patrick J. Curren

Mind the Gap - A Review of Gap Analyses of Capacity Management Practice in Various Enterprises.
Adam Grummitt

Model Sensitivity on Workload Invariants in Data Networks
Boris Jankovic

Modeling/Sizing Techniques for Different Virtualization Strategies (a.k.a. One Size Doesn’t Fit All)
Debbie Sheetz

Multi-tiered Applications Sizing Methodology Based on Load Testing and Queuing Network Models
Dr. Leonid Grinshpan

Operating System Power Dependencies
Dr. Michael Bailey, Timothy Rostrom, J Ekstrom

Performance Management with Free and Bundled Tools - 2008
Mario F. Jauvin

Pivot Tables/Charts -- Magic Beans without Living in a Fairy Tale.
John S. Van Wagenen

Precise Measurement of Execution Time of Concurrent, Symmetric, and Short Tasks
Mohammad Hasan Jamal

Predicting the Relative Performance of CPU
Debbie Sheetz, Liying Song, Anatoliy Rikun

Scaling Strategies and Tactics for Dynamic Web Applications
Richard Campbell

So You Want to Manage Your z-Series MIPS? Then Detect & Control Application Workload Variance!
John S. Van Wagenen

Software Performance Engineering for Oracle Applications: Measurements and Models
Dr. Connie U. Smith, Cary V. Millsap

The Improbable Success of Probabilistic Models
Dr. Jeffrey P. Buzen

Visualization and Analysis of Performance Data using R
Jim Holtman

Workload Modeling for Performance Management
Dr. Baochuan Lu

Hot Topics

Bridging Numbers and Dollars
Dr Steven C. Seow

Capacity Modeling and Planning in Virtual Environments
Andrew Hillier

ESX Guest Capacity Determination using Guest Ready-Time Metric as an Indicator
Tad Kellogg

Forecasting Data Center Power Requirements: Tips from the Trenches
Frank Bereznay, Moses Chu

Green Capacity Planning: Theory and Practice
Amy C. Spellmann, Richard Gimarc, Charles Gimarc

Green Data Center: A Case Study
Chris Molloy, Ben Haber

International: CMG UK - Best Paper: Seeing the Wood for the Trees When Presenting Performance Test Results
Peter Pinto

Introduction to HiperDispatch Management Mode with z10
Donald R. Deese

Modeling the Performance of Virtual I/O Server
Dr. Jie Lu

Multidimensional Visualization of ORACLE Performance Using Barry007
Dr Tanel Poder, Neil J. Gunther

Object, Measure Thyself: Performance Monitoring and Data Collection
Michael Ducy, Matthew O'Keefe, Stephen Mullins

Performance Management of SOA-based Enterprise Applications
Dr. Odysseas I. Pentakalos

SOA and Performance – Measuring Tangible Business Value
Chidambaram Ganapathi, Madasamy T

Visualizing Linux I/O Performance Metrics
M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

Visualizing SLA Compliance and Risk Management
Dr. James Bouhana

VMware Resource Balancing and High Availability Capacity Planning and Implementation Considerations
Ellen Friedman

Xen – A Real Alternative to VMware?
Desmond P. Atkinson

Linux and Unix

Application Scaling on CMT and Multicore Systems
Rickey C. Weisner

Linux System Health Metrics and Data Visualization
Ken A. Baker, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky, Mary Karlins

Performance Tools and Problem-Solving in Solaris
Bob Sneed

Tuning for Oracle from an AIX Admin’s Perspective
Jaqui Lynch

Understanding the AIX Performance Data in a PowerVM Partition
Peter Weilnau


A Predictive Model for SLA Risk Management
Dr. James Bouhana, Mike Tsykin

Capacity Planning for Retirement
Dr. Thomas E. Bell

Developing Quality Excellence in an ITSM Organization
Ravi Kaushik, Anil Wangoo

Performance and Capacity Management in an Outsourced Environment
Jeff Hammond

SAP Capacity Planning and Performance Management Procedural Practices at Intel
Mary Anne Smith

Say Goodbye to Post-Mortems. Say Hello to Effective Problem Management and Increased Availability.
Charles T. Foy

Technology Refresh Financial Analysis
Prentice O. Dees Jr

The One Percent Solution -- User Centricity and Application Availability
Chris Greco

Using Business Growth Information in Capacity Planning Forecasts
Linwood Merritt

“Wisdom to Know the Difference”, The Economic Measurement of Operational Risk
Dennis Wenk, Dean Campbell


A Simple, Efficient ICMP Based Method of Network Characterization
M.K. Nambiar, Hemanta Kumar Kalita

CMG-T: Baselining and Security Alerting for TCP/IP, Part 3 of 3
Nalini Joshi Elkins

CMG-T: TCP/IP Network Health Check, Part 2 of 3
Nalini Joshi Elkins

CMG-T: TCP/IP Response Time Monitoring, Part 1 of 3
Nalini Joshi Elkins

The Visual Diagnostic Language (VDL)
Nalini Joshi Elkins


A Reexamination of z/OS Storage Taxonomies
Dr. H Pat Artis

GraphRun: Visual Analysis of Performance Workload Metrics on a Storage Server
Dr. Amit P. Sawant, Phil Larson

HyperPAVs - Are They That Wonderful?
Charles T. McGavin Jr

New Methods and Metrics for Enterprise Storage Performance and Capacity
John Baker

Performance Characteristics of Enterprise Flash Drives
Charles T. McGavin Jr

Planning for Green Storage
Dr Gilbert Houtekamer

SATA and the Cheap Revolution
Bruce McNutt

Understanding the Performance and Management Implications of FICON/FCP Protocol Intermix
Dr. Stephen R. Guendert

System z

Best Performance Practices using XML in DB2 9 for z/OS
Akiko Hoshikawa

CMG-T: z/OS Tuning Basics: Managing z/OS Workloads Using WLM, Part 2 of 3
Glenn Anderson

CMG-T: z/OS Tuning Basics: Understanding zIIPs and zAAPs, Part 1 of 3
Glenn Anderson

CMG-T: zOS Tuning Basics: WLM Management of Transactions and Servers, Part 3 of 3
Glenn Anderson

Death to Queues: A History of z/OS I/O Subsystem Performance Improvements
Tom Moulder

International: CMG Italy - Best Paper: Bigger Savings Using New z Technologies
Fabio Massimo Ottaviani

On the Importance of I/O Parallelism, I/O Priority Structures and Partitioning in z/OS Environments
Anthony G. Mungal

Practical SOA for System z
Glenn R. Anderson

Roadmap to a Performance Database - How Building One Can Make You Look like a Hero
Bruce Perkinson, Nancy J. Perkinson

The Latest z/OS WLM Functionality to Intelligently Manage Workloads
Glenn R. Anderson

Trending or Modeling for z/OS Systems - One, the Other, or Both?
Gregory V. Caliri

Working Through z/OS CPU Measurements
Peter Enrico

WSC Performance Hot Topics
Kathy Walsh

z/OS Quick Start Toolkit
Robert D. Andresen

ZIIPs & ZAAPs: Everything New & Old
Kathy Walsh


Best Practices of Performance/Diagnosis Tools in Windows Vista and Windows 7
Dr. Kukjin Lee, Alex Bendetov

CMG-T: Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis, Part 1 of 3
Jeffry Schwartz

CMG-T: Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis, Part 2 of 3
Jeffry Schwartz

CMG-T: Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis, Part 3 of 3
Jeffry Schwartz

Mainstream NUMA and the TCP/IP stack
Mark B. Friedman