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Supporting our Members

CMG supports its members with professional development opportunities including online training, discounts on certifications, courses, and educational webinars.

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Educational Webinars

Each month, CMG hosts webinars to educate and inform its community of experts. Members can access current webinars, as well as previously recorded sessions.

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Upcoming Webinars

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Certifications and Courses

CMG is committed to the professional development of its members. By engaging industry experts and creating strategic partnerships with providers, CMG is pleased to offer a variety of training opportunities—online and in person—for its members.

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Upcoming Courses

April 15 @ 11:00 am – April 26 @ 1:00 pm EDT

The CIO Certification Series is for any technology professionals who desire to be CIOs. This program will grow your role within your enterprise IT organization.

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Non-Member Fee: $799

This training is a mix of online handouts and articles and live, online sessions with our instructor Don Amoroso.  Your access to handouts will begin on April 1st at which time no course refunds will be permitted. During each session, Don will refer to articles and reports that will be made available to the student.

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In this course designed by performance and capacity expert Dr. Igor Trubin, learners will participate in lectures and hands-on activities to become familiar with:

  • Machine learning based Anomaly Detection techniques
  • Classical (SPC) and MASF (For system performance data) Control Charting
  • Control Chart use
  • Types of Control Charts
  • Reading, building, and interpreting Control Charts
  • Typical cases of real-world issues captured by an anomaly detection system – VMs, Mainframes, Middleware, E2E response, and more
  • How to build free AWS cloud server with R and build Control Charts
  • Performance anomaly (Perfomaly) detection system R implementation example (SEDS-lite—open source-based tool)

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This eight-section course covers the basic concepts of Computer Performance Modeling, including probability models and simulation models.

You’ll learn the underlying concepts and assumptions used by commercial modeling software. In addition, you can use various tools and techniques to construct custom models to explore specific computer performance cases.

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The Foundation Level Performance Tester hands-on course provides anyone involved in software testing an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of performance testing. If someone has a desire to start a specialist career in performance testing, this course will help them understand the fundamentals and theories behind performance testing and will prepare them for the certification examination.

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The course is designed for QA professionals to quickly acquire the foundation skills to transition to a Performance Testing career. This course will help professionals who have no prior knowledge of Performance Testing.

Starting from the basics, this course will help QA professionals to conceptually understand why and how performance testing activities are performed, covering the essentials a Performance Tester needs.

This foundation course is a prerequisite for the next level of advanced courses offered by our online academy.

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This package includes “Transformation to QA Performance Engineer” and “Unleashing the power of popular Performance Testing Tools – J-meter.”

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