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The CMG Journal is published three times per year and includes papers that are accepted throughout the year. Each edition focuses on varying topics and subject areas, and the special International Edition (Autumn) contains papers from CMG international regions around the world. Papers in the Journal are refereed (not blind) and go through an Editorial Review Board. The CMG Journal is distributed electronically to CMG members. All of the past journal issues are available to members online for your convenience. Not a CMG member? Sign up today!

The Journal is always looking for authors. If you have a paper you would like considered for the Journal please send it in to [email protected]. Please also download our Paper Guidelines and Instructions and our License to Publish files.

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2018 Issues of the CMG Journal

CMG Issue 1, Winter 2018

  • System Utilization: Keeping the Glass Half Full
  • Machine Learning for Predictive Performance Monitoring
  • Achieving CPU (& MLC) Savings through Optimizing Processor Cache
  • FICON CUP Diagnostics and the IBM Health Checker for z/OS
  • Book review of Greg Schulz’s Software-Defined Data Infrastructure
  • Essentials


2017 Issues of the CMG Journal

CMG Issue 3, Fall 2017

  • Selecting Enterprise Applications for Performance Audit Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) by Ashutosh Shinde
  • Working on Application Slowness in Mainframe Infrastructure-Database Recommendations by Venkatesh Pandian Rajagopalan
  • Re-inventing ICT but Not the Wheel by Flavio Gaj and Silvio Antonio Varagnolo

CMG Issue 2, Summer 2017

  • z/OS SMT Measurements: Investigation and Explanation;
  • Capacity Planning Revisited;
  • Performance Testing-Payments Engine;
  • Understanding the Technology and Performance Implications of FICON Dynamic Routing

CMG Issue 1, Spring 2017

  • Better Information from Better Data Visualization;
  • Say Goodbye to Post Mortems, say Hello to Effective Problem Management;
  • How to Build Dashboards Using Proc Report;
  • Analyzing SSD/Flash Performance in High-End Storage;
  • Dynamic Derivation of Analytical Performance Models in Autonomic Computing Environments;
  • A Kalm Approach to Capacity Planning – Road Rules


Past Issues of the CMG Journal

CMG Issue 137, Winter 2015

  • Analytics Techniques for Capacity Management: Forecasting and Modeling ( Ann Dowling & Clea Zolotow);
  • Multi‐tier Application Performance Analysis in the Presence of Software Bottlenecks (Subhasri Duttagupta, Manoj Nambiar & Rupinder Virk);
  • Rationale for an IPv6 PDM Extension Header (Nalini Elkins);
  • DevOps for Non‐Functional Test Assurance (Uppara Hampaiah, Mallikarjun Patil, Vijay Paluri & Srinivas Jandhyala);
  • Calibrate Workload Model for Accurate Performance Testing (Benjamin Mao);
  • Implementation of Web Services Using Better Performance Improvement (Madhusudan Mothe & Kamalakar Burle)

CMG Issue 136, Spring 2014
CMG Issue 135, Winter 2014
CMG Issue 134, Summer 2013
CMG Issue 133, Winter 2013
CMG Issue 132, Summer 2012
CMG Issue 131, Winter 2012
CMG Issue 130, Fall 2011
CMG Issue 129, Summer 2011
CMG Issue 128, Winter 2011
CMG Issue 127, Fall 2010
CMG Issue 126, Spring 2010
CMG Issue 125, Winter 2010
CMG Issue 124, Summer 2009
CMG Issue 123, Spring 2009
CMG Issue 122, Winter 2008
CMG Issue 121, Fall 2007
CMG Issue 120, Summer 2007
CMG Issue 119, Winter 2006
CMG Issue 118, Fall 2006
CMG Issue 117, Spring 2006
CMG Issue 116, Fall 2005
CMG Issue 115, Summer 2005
CMG Issue 114, Winter 2005
CMG Issue 113, Fall 2004
CMG Issue 112, Spring 2004
CMG Issue 111, Winter 2003
CMG Issue 110, Fall 2003
CMG Issue 109, Winter 2003
CMG Issue 108, Fall 2002
CMG Issue 107, Summer 2002
CMG Issue 106, Spring 2002
CMG Issue 105, Winter 2002
CMG Issue 104, Fall 2001
CMG Issue 103, Summer 2001
CMG Issue 102, Spring 2001
CMG Issue 101, Winter 2001
CMG Issue 100, Fall 2000
CMG Issue 99, Summer 2000
CMG Issue 98, Spring 2000
CMG Issue 97, Winter 2000

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