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CMG Journal Winter 2014

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December 8, 2013
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January 30, 2014

CMG Journal Winter 2014

CMG Issue 135, Winter 2014


CMG Journal #135: Letter from the Editor

Welcome to CMG Journal number 135, our third issue for 2013. This issue features three terrific papers for your holiday season reading pleasure.

Our first contributed paper in this issue is Monitoring In Hybrid Cloud Ecosystems by Phani Krishna K.G. The paper provides a brief introduction on role of federation in hybrid cloud ecosystem and architectures for cloud federation, cloud monitoring and different viewpoints in hybrid cloud ecosystem. The paper also proposes a high level model that would act as a guideline for framing the monitoring solutions on hybrid cloud environment.

Our second paper, Capacity Planning for QoS, was written by Alex Gilgur and Josep M Ferrandiz. A capacity planner aims at supplying the least possible amount of resources that will meet required quality of service constraints at some projected level of demand. The authors  show that capacity resources are utilized by demand sources in three fundamentally different  ways and that each usage pattern has its own well-defined tool kit for its analysis and sizing.  They have identified three resource usage classes: exclusive, shared and hybrid. The analysis for each resource usage class moves away from the traditional utilization based methods and directly maps user based quality of service requirements to the resource supply needed. Examples and illustrations are provided.

Our third paper is the second in a three part series for CMG Journal titled Networking On the Modern Mainframe. Part 2: The Modern Mainframe as an IP Server: SNA/IP and Enterprise Extender is from Steve Guendert. SNA over IP solutions have evolved over the last decade and a half to provide a variety of solution options. The optimal solution depends upon the application environment and the evolution of legacy equipment in those environments. Typically, end users modernize their networks and then deploy technology that allows them to transport the SNA application traffic over the new IP network. This paper describes the evolution of SNA networks in IP-based environments, the modernization use case and the tools needed to migrate from legacy SNA network structures to IP-based solutions.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this CMG Journal. Even if you have submitted a paper  for the Conference, please consider writing a paper for the CMG Journal. You can submit your papers, as well as feedback to us at [email protected].

Thanks again for reading, and we hope you enjoy this issue.
Stephen R. Guendert, Ph.D

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