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2019 March 14th MSPCMG Meeting:

“Storage- The Next Frontier of Innovation”


Date:                Thursday March 14, 2019
Time:                9:15 AM – 4:15 PM

Location:          Veritas
Address:           2815 Cleveland Ave, Roseville, MN 55113


Minneapolis / St. Paul CMG meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend.

Cost: no charge.


9:15– 9:30       Business Meeting – CMG Board – Morning coffee sponsored by Veritas

Link to NetBackup 8.1.2 Premier Slides NBU_8.1.2_Premier


9:30– 10:30     “Standards for protection of data on storage device are emerging from both the US and EU” – Henry Newman – CTO Seagate Government Solutions

Presentation: Standards For Protection Of Data On Storage Device Are Emerging From Both The US And EU


This talk will cover current, and emerging standards and implications.


Mr. Henry Newman has over 37 years of advanced systems architecture and performance analysis expertise in solving the most complex challenges for customers in government, scientific research, and industry around the world.  This comprehensive experience includes hardware and software requirements analysis and design; file system and HSM design and optimization; system performance analysis and optimization; storage system architecting; high-performance networking; and; capacity planning with a focus on high performance computing and advanced UNIX, Linux and Windows systems.  For the last few years, Mr. Newman has been focusing on security issues for large storage systems. Mr. Newman worked at Cray Research in a variety of capacities for over 11 years until 1992.  Mr. Newman was then the CTO/CEO of Instrumental until its recent acquisition by Seagate.  Mr. Newman is now the CTO for Seagate Government Solutions and works with engineering teams across Seagate’s production lines from individual storage components to complete systems, with a special emphasis on security.


10:30 – 11:30  “The Future of Archiving” – Harriet Coverston, CTO of Versity Software, Inc


Large scale archiving for data protection and seamless retrieval is the topic of this talk. Versity is a data archive software platform designed for petabyte scale sites. Tape, disk, and cloud archival storage tiers are all managed from a POSIX interface.


Harriet Coverston is co-founder and CTO of Versity, where she architected the Versity Storage Manager. VSM is large scale, high performance, high I/O archival storage software deployed on Linux. Harriet has a long history in design and development of HPC systems. Her previous roles include Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer, co-founder and CTO of LSC, Control Data Senior Engineer, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory software engineer.


11:30 – 12:00 Lunch – Sponsored by Veritas


12:00 – 1:00    “Storage Disruption and File System Dinosaurs” – Chris Hertel Director of SMB Development at WekaIO.


This presentation will take a look at the tension between fancy new data storage paradigms and old-school network file protocols, and how those tensions provide opportunities for innovation in the well-established NAS world. It has been several years now since one of my Samba Team colleagues declared that we were all “dinosaurs” during a keynote speech at a major storage conference.  Samba hasn’t been cool for a long while.  NAS hasn’t been cool for a long while either.  New storage systems are designed to support modern workloads; video processing, data mining, and AI.  Still, these fancy new data storage systems, with SSDs, Non-volatile RAM, distributed access, and RDMA back-ends still need to be accessed by old-fashioned end-users–and us dinosaurs are still employed.


A long time ago, probably in Chicago, Christopher R. Hertel fell into a vat of molten magnetic media and emerged with a superhuman tolerance for network storage protocols.  He joined the Samba Team, wrote a book on CIFS (SMB1) implementation, and was also lead author (under contract) of Microsoft’s official SMB1 protocol specification (which became moot when SMB1 was deprecated).  Over the past several years his work has focused on integrating SMB2/SMB3 with distributed file systems.  Chris is currently Director of SMB Development at WekaIO.


1:00 –2:00       “The State of Storage:  Why software matters more than media.”- Neville Yates, INFINDAT CTO, Data Protection Solutions


“To flash or not to flash.”  “You want me to encrypt where?”   Questions that likely plague storage and infrastructure teams on a daily basis.  Its no secret data growth is compounding, and budgets are shrinking.  So, what is the storage industry doing about it?  Neville will spend time reviewing the challenges facing storage infrastructure today and discuss how peta-byte scale storage problems can be solved with a different design and implementation focused on software, not media.


Neville is a visionary leader with a successful record creating and delivering new technologies to enterprise IT markets.  He recently led the go to market team for INFINIDAT’s data protection solution, after spending 30+ years in the data storage and protection space.  His view of the storage industry is unmatched, from experience bringing start-up storage innovations to market, to consulting with the likes of IBM and HP on corporate strategies, he will challenge your view of the conventional wisdom of the industry.


2:00- 2:15 Break – Sponsored by INFINDAT


2:15 –3:15       It’s Just Not De-Duplication That Matters” – John Hink Sr. Principle Marketing Engineer at Veritas

Link to Presentation Slides


There is more to a de-duplicating file system than just the de-duplication method used. The data in particular will impact the performance of the system. How does the de-duplication impact the read performance? What is the impact to performance for maintenance on the file system?


John has been with Veritas for close to 20 years. Working in various roles in technical support, services, engineering and product management, I’ve worked with practically every major customer in one function or another. John is well versed with NetBackup, storage, and many of our other products.


3:15 –4:15       Real Word Storage Subsystem Test Results” – Mark Weber Storage Engineer at Optum and CMG Board Member

Link to Presentation Slides CMG_StoragePerformanceTestingAtOptum_March2019


Do you test your storage subsystems before you purchase them? Or do you purchase storage based on cost per pound.  This session thinks about what to test, how you might test, what to look for, interpretation challenges, presentation considerations, time commitments, and trying to keep 13 pins in the air.  If connectivity holds up we will drive like on a Virtual Instruments Workload Wisdom IO testing appliance.


Currently Mark is working with Storage at Optum, Mark has been a storage performance expert for over 25 years.

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