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April 20, 2023
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April 20, 2023

Catching Fire: Autonomous Drones to Detect and Track Wildfires

Can drones help prevent natural disasters? Wildfires have become highly destructive in the recent years, ravaging the environment and human lives. In this hands-on workshop, build a wildfire detection system with autonomous drones. We will explore cutting-edge methods to detect fire outbreaks and predict their direction of spread. Gain skills in simulation and AI that you can apply to life-saving problems. In this workshop, we will discuss an approach to wildfire detection and path prediction using autonomous drones. We will focus on the key components of the autonomous system, including simulation and AI, that mitigate real-world disasters. You will use path planning, sensor models, and deep learning to detect and predict the direction of a fire’s spread. The focus for this workshop will be on designing and simulating a system for wildfire detection using drones.

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Presented by:

Nayara Aguiar, Software Performance Engineer, MathWorks

Nayara Aguiar is a Performance Engineer at MathWorks, currently focusing on benchmarking and performance analysis for Deep Learning workflows. She has also worked on software development projects on mathematical optimization, data analysis, and applications related to the analysis of the electricity grid. Prior to joining MathWorks, Nayara received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame, where her research interests were in the intersection of power systems, renewable energy, and economics.


Helen Chigirinskaya, Software Developer, MathWorks

Helen Chigirinskaya is a performance engineer at the MathWorks.  Her responsibilities include benchmarking MATLAB deep learning tools, analyzing the performance of deep learning workflows across multiple applications, and developing infrastructure to facilitate deep learning benchmarking for multiple teams within the company.  Prior to joining the performance team, she worked on developing infrastructure and components that enable MATLAB users build GUIs within MATLAB.


Moderator: Sindhuja Parimalarangan, Senior Performance Engineer, MathWorks

Sindhuja Parimalarangan is a Senior Performance Engineer on the MATLAB Performance team at MathWorks. Her responsibilities include analyzing the performance of our products, benchmarking them with other industry standard tools and communicating the state of performance internally and externally. Additionally, Sindhuja serves on the Board of Directors at CMG, currently as Vice Chair. Sindhuja is passionate about volunteering in tutoring and mentorship programs including Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program and Potter Road Elementary School Math Tutors.

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