Chat with JD and Todd from Broadcom- We're talking first jobs, tech talent, and Observability! - Computer Measurement Group
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Chat with JD and Todd from Broadcom- We’re talking first jobs, tech talent, and Observability!

Thank you for joining US today for the CMG podcast where we’re talking all things enterprise IT.  In this episode, CMG president Amanda Hendley sits down with Todd Gagle and JD Bagnell from Broadcom to talk first jobs, tech talent changes and challenges, and just why there has been such a big trend towards observability. We hope you enjoy the session.

Our Guests:

Todd Gagle – Todd is one of the original developers of the product SYSVIEW. He has worked on the product for 35+ years. Todd has worked on all SYSVIEW components but is best known for his work on CICS. His roles have included: developer, manager, and architect, and he is a Distinguished Engineer for the AIOps & Automation solutions.

JD Bagnell -JD has spent 30 years in the software development industry with the last 13 being part of the Mainframe team at Broadcom. JD has been a product manager for all of the performance monitoring and automation solutions for those years. JD has been the Offering Manager for the past 4 years where he has driven the strategy for the Mainframe Performance solution area.

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