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OPS/MVS System State Manager (SSM) Deep Dive

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January 23, 2023
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January 27, 2023

OPS/MVS System State Manager (SSM) Deep Dive

This session is for users of OPS/MVS who want to learn more about System State Manager (SSM). We’ll cover SSM at a high level and then dive deeper into each of the component offerings.(V2, V3 and GA). We’ll investigate use cases for each and compare and contrast why one option may be a better fit for your environment.

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Tyrone Lastoria, Principal Software Engineer and Cody Giardinello, Principal Software Engineer at Broadcom

Tyrone Lastoria – Tyrone has 40+ years of industry experience as a console operator, hardware engineer, and automation specialist, including 30+ years working with OPS/MVS as a customer and support engineer. For fun he likes to play both forms of golf, watch hockey, play fantasy football and do handyman projects.

Cody Giardinello – Cody’s been with Broadcom for over 8 years working on SYSVIEW, MIM, and OPS/MVS. He’s also the Project Manager for zNextGen at SHARE. In his free time he loves being outside and spending time with his wife, two young daughters, and dog


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