How can you engage with- and support- CMG in 2023? - Computer Measurement Group

How can you engage with- and support- CMG in 2023?

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January 10, 2023
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January 17, 2023

How can you engage with- and support- CMG in 2023?

Dear CMG Community:

As the new year gets going, it’s a great time for members of our tech community to come together and set goals for the future. There is much uncertainty in the predictions for 2023, but we believe that community, collaboration, and conversation can help us overcome all problems.

This year marks the 48th CMG conference, putting our organization at half-a-century old. Over the years, we have added programs and member benefits, looked not only at what’s now, but what’s next, and stayed constant with our mission to enable peer-to-peer learning.

So, What’s Next?

As a non-profit membership organization, we rely on volunteer leaders and members to help us shape our education, events, and priorities. 

How can you help us do just that? Here are a few ideas…

Get involved: We invite you to participate in our events, serve on committees and the board, write for our blog, be a guest on the podcast, sponsor key programs, etc… We need you to guide the way.

Join a Peer Group of other SMEs: Would you like to work with your peers to create events and programs that matter to you? Pair up with other SMEs to exchange ideas and learn and share what’s next in your industry.

Host an Event: Are you in an area that would benefit from a physical gathering of tech professionals such as yourself? Consider hosting a CMG event! Contact [email protected] for information.

Attend and Engage at an event: Our next one is IMPACT 2023 is coming up February 21-23 and you can learn more at

By coming together and working towards common goals, we can build a strong and supportive community.

Take this 3 questions SURVEY to see how can you engage with- and support- CMG in 2023 (click here)

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