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The New Mainframe Generation

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December 20, 2022
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January 2, 2023

The New Mainframe Generation

Far from being dead or obsolete, the mainframe remains at the base of the modern digital economy. During this session there will be a quick view of Sogei’s modernization steps to innovate its data strategy and plans to let IBM zSystems take part of the Hybrid Cloud Strategy. Our Junior z/Os system programmer will share his experience approaching this platform for the first time.

We will have a look to the journey we started to take to modernize the data strategy starting back in 2016.
Will talk about some of the technologies we adopted and the steps we took.
We will see the reason behind those decisions.
Will talk about integration of new generation.
Will talk about our future direction to have the zSystems integrated in our Cloud environment.

Giordano will talk about his first impression of the platform, how he reacted, how he started taking confidence.
He will give his adivce to approach this technology and will talk about his day-by-day activities, activities that he is starting doing himself without the help of others.
Will talk about his future learning path.

You will learn: How it is possible use mainframe in a more modern way.
How new generation is approaching onboarding this platform and how it is possible to start a career on mainframe

Presented by

Chiara Baldan, Data Engineer & Giordano Sannino, Junior System Programmer, at Sogei

Giordano Sannino – Junior System Programmer – One year on mainframe can explain better to the new generation how to start working on this platform even if it is the first time they apprach it.

I’m Giordano Sannino a junior system programmer on z/Os.
I have been working in Sogei since September 2021.
In Sogei I deal with mainframe and I’m glad about it because it’s a world filled with tons of various skills to master!
I graduated from IT technical institute and now I’m attending a bachelor’s degree in computer science at university.

Chiara Baldan – Data Engineer – She is working on mainframe innovation.

Chiara is part of the team Change and Release Management. The mission of the team is the governance and the management towards a cloud oriented Data Center and the design and implementation of processes from a cloud perspective.
She has 20 years of experience on mainframe environment. She was nominated IBM Champion for the last three years.

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