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Zowe (r)evolution with V2 and beyond

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Zowe (r)evolution with V2 and beyond

Zowe is at the moment undoubtedly the most popular mainframe Open Source solution. With the release of the V2 there is no doubt that it’s a mature and widely adopted solution. Based on the research up to 70% of mainframe users plan to deploy Zowe by the end of this year. But what does actually Zowe brings to the table? Where is it going in the future?

In this session you will learn about the main use cases for Zowe and why it may help you with challenges you are facing either if you are in a modernization process by introducing other approaches to access the mainframe than just the traditional TN3270 green screen or if you are onboarding new talent, not experienced on mainframe. You will also learn what’s next, what are the next area of improvements going further within V2. Last but not least you will be introduced to the incubators that are bringing totally new capabilities to the Zowe and we hope that you will love them.

Zowe is the first open source project on z/OS, mission is to make the z/OS platform less different from the other. More in details, Zowe provides a framework to interact with z/OS resources (like z/OS jobs, dataset and USS files). Main components of Zowe are a REST API Catalog, on top of it 3 client interfaces are provided out of the box: a web User Interface, a Command Line Interface and a VS Code extension. All of the 3 interfaces provides built-in features and are extensible. In this session you will learn about Zowe framework, how it can help in the modernization of your z/OS management, enabling an easier on boarding of next generation as well as integrating it in hybrid cloud world easily.

Presented by

Domenico D’Alterio, Principal Product Manager at IBM

Domenico D’Alterio is the IBM Principal Product Manager focused on The Linux Foundation’s ZoweTM and IBM Z distribution for Zowe projects. He contributes to the open-source project strategy and direction as well as market success of IBM Z distribution for Zowe.
Prior to his current role, Domenico was the Product Manager for offerings in the IBM Z AIOps area working on the strategic directions of multiple offerings. In the previous years, he covered different managerial positions in IBM Development and Customer support organization as well as the role of Product Manager of Z Analytics products, Domenico joined IBM in 1999. Starting as designer, moved to a managerial role in 2006, acting as Development and Customer Support manager in the former Tivoli division of IBM. He graduated in Electronic Engineering, in Italy.

I am used to speak in large conference WW. Recent speaking experiences are:
1. SHARE Columbus August 2022, where I presented 3 sessions:
1a. Zowe Gets Chatty – about 20 attendees
1b. Zowe updates – about 50 attendees
1c. A Demo of Integrating Workload Automation in Automated Processes through Zowe Extensions – about 60 attendees
2. GSE Nordics Conference – Zowe updates – June 2022
3. IBM Z JCL Expert webinar – May 2022
4. Nordics Workload Automation Conference – JCL Expert overview – Oct 2021 – 50 attendees
IN the last 2 years, most of the presentations were virtual, before it, I was used to present mulriple sessions to confrerences like SHARE, GSE UK, IBM Tech U.
I am in agenda with 3 session at next GSE UK: https://conferences.gse.org.uk/2022/agenda

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