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Why should you care about open source licenses

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November 7, 2022
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November 14, 2022

Why should you care about open source licenses

Developers do not often pay attention to licenses when using various open-source projects. As a result, we can often use open source projects/parts of a project or functions for our applications and programs without thinking about how it might affect the future. In the session, we highlight the issue of choosing licenses, discussing the compatibility of licenses, changing the license, and the Contributor License Agreement.

Presented by

Oleksii Borysenko, Developer Advocate at Cisco Systems

Oleksii has a background in App/infra development, web services, and Networking solutions. The sphere of interests of Oleksii is Network Programmability IoT, Data Science, education technologies. In addition, Oleksii does some research in IT sphere, one of the last is “Teamwork methods for programming studies. Current requirements of IT market”.Oleksii hobby is a triathlon, swimming and edit Readme for open source projects)


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