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Introduction to Harness CI/CD

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November 21, 2022
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November 21, 2022

Introduction to Harness CI/CD

If you are working in an Engineering team, You might feel the pain of handling a lot of automation DevOps tools and maintaining the same. Here is the solution for you Harness! You might have questions like: What is Harness? How do I use Harness to manage my environment? Can I use RBAC in Harness? Can I use Authentication methods like SAML, Github, and Ldap with Harness? Is there any way in which I can use my already available code in the Harness? What about security, is it secured? My aim is to answer all of these questions, and showcase places you can find(and use) each of them. I’ll discuss how these specs affect you when using Harness. I’ll explore how each standard is improving our lives today, and what kinds of innovation they open up for the future. Wanna know more about Harness? Visit:

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Pravin Mali, Community Engineering Manager at

Pravin is an enthusiastic engineer with 12+ years of experience in supporting opensource based enterprise technologies, automating, and optimizing mission-critical applications on-premise and on the cloud. He is a highly skilled Engineer with exposure to DevOps, Automation, and Software engineering practices. Currently, he is working in Harness as an Engineering Manager and has good hands-on experience with the product. Focusing on product growth using technical and presentation skills.

Presented in OSS summit 2019 on open-source technology name AWX. here is the link :


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