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Observability: APM Rebranded?
August 22, 2022
Observability, Incident Response, and Common Ground that Binds
August 24, 2022

The OpenTelemetry Hero’s Journey: Correlating Application & Infrastructure Context


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Having correlated metrics, traces, and logs from our services and infrastructure is a vital component of observability. We will discuss what’s possible with OpenTelemetry and where the gaps are with today’s open source tools.


About The Speakers

Edwin Onattu, is a Product Manager working on Infrastructure, Metrics and OpenTelemetry at Instana.

Josh Lee is a developer advocate with Instana @ IBM. He is a full-stack developer with a history working on SaaS, e-Commerce and content marketing projects.

Henning Treu is a Product Manager for Agent & Application Perspectives at Instana.  Henning has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry and in software development. His roles migrated from software development & IT consulting, Product Owner and Open Source Maintainer to now Product Management. Along the way he observed and worked in various team organizations. From micro-managed waterfall teams to self-organizing full stack agile teams, his struggle and main insight was and always is: focus. As a Product Manager at Instana he now focuses on problem statements and innovation for his product area.

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