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IBM Z16: Roadmap to secure hybrid cloud and AI

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March 30, 2022
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April 15, 2022

IBM Z16: Roadmap to secure hybrid cloud and AI

The IBM Z platform is recognized for its security, resiliency, performance, and scale.  It is relied upon by businesses around the globe for mission-critical workloads and as an essential element of their hybrid cloud infrastructure. IBM z16, the first IBM Z system built with the IBM Telum Processor, extends the platform’s capabilities and adds new value with innovative technologies that businesses require as they digitally transform their enterprises.  IBM z16 is built for hybrid cloud and can help expedite your transformation with new on-chip AI acceleration to enable decision velocity, quantum-safe technologies to designed to help protect your business now and into the future, a flexible infrastructure to meet the resiliency and compliance demands of a constantly changing environment, and with capabilities to accelerate modernization and delivery of new services.


About the Speaker:

Ray Newsom is the Principal Product Manager of the IBM zSystems HW Strategy.  In this role, Ray defines the strategic HW roadmap required to meet our client’s future requirements for the zSystems platform.  Ray has helped to deliver the last 6 generations of the IBM zSystems HW platform.  Ray also ensures that the zSystems HW ecosystem partners are aligned with the zSystems strategic product roadmap.  Ray gets the opportunity to present the zSystems platform to many clients around the world through customer briefings.  In his 22+ year career with IBM, Ray has held various technical and management positions in hardware and firmware development, as well as, his current role on the zSystems Product Management team.


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