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The future of content delivery for mobile applications

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December 8, 2021
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December 9, 2021

The future of content delivery for mobile applications

Delivering mobile content over wireless networks has become increasingly challenging over time. The volume and quality of the content consumed have been multiplying in size for the last years, on par with the increasing adoption of mobile devices. To ensure the quality of the user experience, app developers put their efforts into optimizing everything in their power, for example, reducing the number of requests to their app, optimizing code, images, and videos, or using a traditional CDN.

However, all these efforts fall short when confronted with network instability. The usual optimizations happen on the server-side, but 90% of the latency and losses (responsible for the instability) occur on the user-side, specifically on the wireless connection, that app developers can’t control.

This happens because current solutions are still based on a 30-year-old protocol, HTTP/TCP, not suited for wireless links. Standard CDNs bring limited improvements, given the wireless last mile instability. Even QUIC / HTTP3 falls short for mobile apps.

To help solve the problem, we built Codavel CDN on top of our mobile-first protocol, Bolina, based on Network Coding optimizations. Bolina is latency-resistant and capable of fighting network instability from the user-side and optimizing content delivery end-to-end. This way, Codavel can deal with the worst network conditions, ensuring robustness against latency and packet loss, regardless of the user’s network, device, location, or time. A near-perfect app experience for everyone.


  • The impact of mobile performance optimizations
  • Why it is still so hard to control mobile user’s experience
  • How to deal with network instability


Rui Costa is a CEO and Co-founder at Codavel. He has a background is in computer science with a P.hD. in network coding from MIT and University of Porto. For the last ten years, he and his team have been building and optimizing a network protocol, and it’s now fully deployable via our CDN specifically designed for mobile applications. They can approach the audience from a technical level and on a business level, correlating app performance with business KPIs.

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