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First experiences with Docker on zCX

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December 3, 2021
Global Cloud Environment: Data Analysis and Management Workload
December 8, 2021

First experiences with Docker on zCX

zCX is one of the most exciting functionalities recently introduced in z/OS. With zCX, it is now possible to run distributed applications on z/OS with no changes. We will discuss the first experiences of configuring this environment and running a Linux app that interprets SMF data in it.

We’d like to show:

  • zCX installation and configuration
  • how to build an image that can be then downloaded in zCX (with all its challenges)
  • how to deploy a container based on the pre-prepared image
  • how to work with the container
  • how to persist data in the container
  • zCX address space resource consumption (GCP and zIIP)


  • it is not hard to configure zCX for the first time
  • with Docker and zCX, mainframe users can control some apps that otherwise would be managed by other offices in their company
  • Docker is not a toy, but something that users can benefit from



About The Speaker:

Matteo Bottazzi is a Software Developer at EPV Technologies. He has actively worked on Docker at EPV Technologies.


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