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Beyond Picture Perfect Diversity: How to Create a Sense of Inclusion

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December 15, 2021
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December 22, 2021

Beyond Picture Perfect Diversity: How to Create a Sense of Inclusion

Many organizations view diversity as a statistical goal, achieved by strategic hires and exemplified by a picture-perfect workplace. However, a diverse team without ties of inclusion fails to fully harness the advantages of diversity. In this keynote, Dima Ghawi shares information she has gleaned from hundreds of interviews and workplace surveys to teach leaders how to create a welcoming and inclusive workforce. Through humorous stories and engaging group activities, Dima highlights the insight of a bottom-up approach, the influence of courageous office culture, and the power of affinity groups.

With the rise of racial tensions and the Black Lives Matter movement, diversity and inclusion is more important than ever. More than picture-perfect diversity, this presentation teaches audience members how to foster a sense of inclusion within their workspace. This will allow viewers to better understand their diverse employees and create a better world for us all.

1. Description of diversity and inclusion with a focus on the concept of inclusion, fostering a welcoming workplace, and revealing what hinders work spaces from fully accepting employees

2. Review of what diverse employees are looking for (information gained from Dima’s countless workplace surveys and informational interviews

3. Teach the audience about opportunities like affinity groups 4. Help viewers redefine their view of diversity and inclusion


  • Understand what diverse employees are looking for and how to integrate these needs into your management styles
  • Create a courageous and integrative workplace culture
  • 3Utilize affinity groups to encourage diversity and inclusion within the organization


About The Speaker:

Dima Ghawi is a Keynote Speaker at Dima Ghawi. With over two decades of global leadership experience, Dima knows how to engage and motivate teams of all ages, races, and nationalities. Her current work as a keynote speaker and professional coach has allowed her to garner copious amounts of information from companies striving to develop their leadership and diversity and inclusion strategies. Dima combines this knowledge with her experience as a management specialist to create valuable presentations for leaders around the globe.


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