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The Vital Role of an SRE and how it’s Evolving

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April 7, 2021
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April 21, 2021

The Vital Role of an SRE and how it’s Evolving


Site reliability engineering continues to grow and evolve, serving an increasingly vital role in assuring business objectives are being met in response to digital transformation initiatives. This session explores the mainframe SRE role and how to be successful using:

  • Anomaly detection to shift-left impact avoidance
  • Centralized alert management
  • Automating root cause analysis and ‘fixing’

You will learn:

  • How SREs leverage automation to optimize the workflow
  • Why observability supercharges feedback
  • How to address problems and incidents across domains with confidence and ease


Speaker Interview:

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About the Speaker:

Matheus Milani de Oliveira – Mainframe Product Manager, Broadcom
Matheus has  over 16 years experience in the IT Industry with a degree in Computer Network Administration and MBA in People Management. He is passionate about Mainframe and has dedicated his career to working with the platform in numerous roles ranging from Console/Batch Operations and Automation Specialist to Architect. In recent years, Matheus has been working closely with clients on their modernization journey, leveraging automated, integrated and open solutions.

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