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September 21, 2020
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October 6, 2020

A Mainframe Modernization Maturity Model


The Mainframe applications that are critical to many of the businesses and governmental functions that support everyday lives require significant enhancement to meet the need for flexible and cost effective deployment, on the mainframe, on distributed systems, in the Cloud.

Application Modernization has become an increasingly important model to drive the level of change. To make the transition from the current monolithic, tightly coupled architectures to modern containerized services requires a combination of technologies and skills in high demand. This presentation will highlight these requirements within the context of a Maturity Model supporting the Modernization journey for all mainframe applications.

Speaker bio:

Howard has been at the forefront of utilizing alternate platforms for Mainframe Development and Modernization from day one. During his career he has worked heavily in shaping tools and technologies related to moving and enhancing Enterprise Legacy Applications to a number of platforms as they have emerged. His journey has taken him from Micro Focus to Fujitsu, Microsoft, Idemia, CSC, DXC and back to Micro Focus to name a few. While at Microsoft, he was the Worldwide Lead for Mainframe Modernization for Microsoft Services and an advisor to Bill Gates on this topic.

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