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Using “z” data for Mainframe analytics & The loss to your business if you do not

Interview with Spoons, CTO, Lightstep
July 31, 2020
Amy Carolyn Spellmann
August 4, 2020

Using “z” data for Mainframe analytics & The loss to your business if you do not

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Does your organization use mainframe data to conduct mainframe analytics and include business data?

In most instances, the answer is “No”, or “kind of”. Considering 80%+ of production data touches the mainframe, shouldn’t this very valuable resource be used?

Why is z data not included more for Analytical, AI/BI machine learning requirements? Without z data, is like flying a plane with no navigation system!

This 45-minute discussion will highlight the obstacles of why companies struggle in combing data from different platforms, what data to collect & how to use it for analytical purposes.

Do not under estimate the difference z data can make to your organizations analytical processes and the advantage this will bring over the competition.

Brian Hoare’s Bio

Brian Hoare has seen the z platform grow from OS/390 to today’s z/OS. He may speak with a “strange accent” and has introduced new solutions into the USA and worked with several startups. He has presented at local/annual CMG’s, Share and many other conferences discussing cost reduction (IBM/MLC), performance and is now his focused on analytical data on “z”.  Mainframe analytics are his latest passion, especially as Z is the richest source of data there is. So why not use the richest source of data we have for helping to run the business?

Brian lives in Florida, is a passionate fan of Rugby and Football (Soccer) and has several refereeing and coaching badges.


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