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Performance Engineering: DevOps to NoOps

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May 7, 2020
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May 12, 2020

Performance Engineering: DevOps to NoOps

In this session, Alex Podelko and Andi Grabner discuss Performance Engineering: DevOps to NoOps. Conversation topics include how performance engineering is integrated into DevOps today, what happens to PE when moving to NoOps, and what are the leading trends.


Alex Podelko – Over the last twenty years Alex Podelko supported major performance initiatives for Oracle, Hyperion, Aetna, and Intel in different roles including performance tester, performance analyst, performance architect, and performance engineer. Currently, he is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, responsible for performance testing and tuning of Hyperion (a.k.a. Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence) products.

Andi Grabner – Andi is a salsa dancer who works at Dynatrace as a DevOps Activist. There he helps developers, testers, operations, and XOps folks to become more efficient in their jobs.

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