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September 20, 2018
CMG Tech Journal
September 20, 2018

CMG Tech Journal

As you may have noticed, CMG has been incredibly busy over the past few months. A new brand, a dynamic and more forward-thinking positioning, and the addition of original and exciting topics—all aimed at helping businesses embrace the new world of digital transformation and all that it entails. 

With this new approach also comes our completely revitalized Tech Journal. Going forward, each quarter we will be showcasing a multitude of topics that represent the totality of business—from the executive outlook, to cloud and DevOps, to the data center and the mainframe. 

With this new approach we hope to create insight into domains that many may never consider, and to dissolve the barriers within IT and management silos to foster enhanced communication, improved business, and stronger bottom lines. 

In this inaugural issue, we have reached out to industry leaders in their respective fields—from omni-channel data, to AI and machine learning, IT security, and more—all to bring you a thought-provoking perspective on IT and the future of business.

I hope you enjoy the new format and the stimulating new topics—just as we look forward to a fantastic, bright and inspiring future.


Amanda Hendley


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