Actionable Intelligence, Capacity Optimization, and Modeling – Sessions from St. Louis CMG - Computer Measurement Group

Actionable Intelligence, Capacity Optimization, and Modeling – Sessions from St. Louis CMG

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July 12, 2018
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July 24, 2018

Actionable Intelligence, Capacity Optimization, and Modeling – Sessions from St. Louis CMG

St. Louis CMG’s meeting on July 17th was sponsored by Moviri and featured sessions on actionable intelligence and capacity optimization. The event also included two lectures on Computer Performance Modeling by Dr. Michael Salsburg.  For your information, the presentations are available for download below. For additional information about Dr. Salsburg’s course on Computer Performance Modeling as offered by CMG, click here.


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Actionable Intelligence Demands ACTION to Address Business Risk  – Ben Davies, Senior Consultant, Moviri

Download: Actionable Intelligence Demands Action (Ben Davies – July 17, 2018) NOTES

A conversation that explores the investigation mission you SHOULD be on as a capacity manager or performance manager, and shows tools and techniques to leverage senior level authority to drive ACTION. Every investigation should result in some documented action. Every investigation should be focused on business risk, stated as business risk, and addressed as business risk.


Capacity Optimization Tool: What you should expect from a good capacity optimization tool and a surprising benefit of having a good tool – Ben Davies, Senior Consultant, Moviri

Download: Capacity Optimization Tool (Ben Davies – July 17, 2018) NOTES

This is a conversation about what to expect from a capacity optimization tool. We use BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization in our examples, but that tool is not the focus. And we discuss that with good tool and various data inputs, the tool becomes a unique data set “different and apart from the sum of its parts”, which provides significant business value, independent of the original capacity mission.


Modeling and Forecasting Part 1 – Dr. Michael Salsburg

Download: CMG-T2018-Modeling and Forecasting (Dr. Salsburg – July 2018)

Although most computing environments are heterogeneous, computer system modeling is, in most ways, platform neutral.  The same techniques and tools can be used to model zSeries, Unix / Linux, and Windows.  At the heart of these models is the essential queueing network.  This two-hour presentation provides the details of the essential queueing network, including the necessary statistics that need to be collected from the system, as well as various modeling techniques that yield insights that cannot be gleaned from observing the actual computer system.  Once the model is validated, it can be used to explore “what-if” scenarios where either the workload or the underlying configuration can be changed in the model so that the resulting service levels can be observed.  If time permits, an additional section on the subject of time series estimation and forecasting will be presented.  This course will not teach you everything you need, but it will give you’re a full survey of the various approaches with a full bibliography for future reference.

Michael Salsburg is an independent consultant, focused on IT performance measurement, analysis, modeling and optimization. Previously, Dr. Salsburg was a Unisys Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect for Unisys Technology Products. He was for many years an international thought-leader in Cloud Computing and Agile Development processes. Dr. Salsburg has been awarded four international patents in the area of infrastructure performance modeling algorithms and software. In addition, he has published over 70 papers and has lectured world-wide on the topics of Real-Time Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Optimization. In 2010, the Computer Measurement Group awarded Dr. Salsburg the A. A. Michelson Award – its highest award for lifetime achievement. Dr. Salsburg received his Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh in Mathematics in August 1972.He received his Masters of Science from the University of Delaware in Computer Science (Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence) in 1982 and his Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics from Drexel University (Probability and Statistics) in 1992. Dr. Salsburg is extremely active in the local Philadelphia music scene and often plays with various bands, including the legendary Ferko String Band. You can find music clips and videos at

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