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CMG announces launch of international virtual IT and business conference

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CMG announces launch of international virtual IT and business conference

Event to host world’s leading enterprise technology specialists and executives

Atlanta, Georgia—March 15, 2018—CMG, the world’s leading high-performance computing association, announced today that it will be launching its latest venture: a virtual IT and business conference called cloudXchange.

CMG is best known for its flagship conference, CMG ImPACt, the premier global event designed for and by performance and capacity professionals. CMG’s new cloudXchange event will provide insight into the now colliding worlds of data center management and security, DevOps, and cloud management and mainframe—all of which will drive the future of digital transformation and business while delivering profound executive perspectives.

The virtual cloudXchange event, which will take place on June 19, 2018, will consist of multiple modules where participants will be able to take part in interactive presentations, pose in-depth questions to the world’s leading industry experts—and even interact with event partners—to garner knowledge and insight from all involved. As an added bonus, for those who wish to revisit event materials at a later date, all interactive sessions, resources, and interviews will be fully recorded and available through CMG’s web portal.

“It is no surprise that the world of technology is rapidly changing at an ever-increasing pace,” commented Allan Zander, CMG board member and CEO of both DataKinetics and omNovos. “The need to spotlight this rapid change, and to address both the business and technical drivers, is imperative to the global business community. We must all collectively plan for the realities of data growth, from the interconnectivity of business processes and dissolving technology silos, to the inherent need for digital transformation to address consumers demands. The era of change is upon us; this event represents that change and the endless possibilities of what can be collectively accomplished.”

Aside from CMG’s cloudXchange event, the organization will also be hosting a multitude of events in 2018, from its national conference, CMG ImPACt, to online and in-person events held around the world. Those interested in connecting with the world’s leading business and IT minds at any of these events need simply visit

The organization also recently announced it will be completing a comprehensive rebranding and communications initiative, one that promises even more events as well as digital publications, speaker engagements, video content, and more—all of which will be directed to address the world of high-performance computing and digital transformation, encompassing all aspects of IT and executive business processes.

Those interested in participating in CMG’s cloudXchange event should register at Anyone who would like to be a guest speaker or presenter at the event can send their submission through the CMG website at The early submission deadline is March 19, 2018.

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