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AA Michelson Award Winners

November 14, 2017
ImPACt Video Interview with Alex Gilgur, Network Data Scientist and imPACt Speaker
November 21, 2017

AA Michelson Award Winners

AA Michelson Award Winners

Albert Abraham Michelson was known for his technical accomplishments in measuring the speed of light and for his role as teacher and inspirer of others. CMG presents this prestigious award to recognize and encourage the same combination of technical excellence and professional contribution found in only an exceptional few.

List of AA Michelson Award Winners

2017    Dr. Gilbert  Houtekamer – Press Release     Related Proceedings
2016    Andre Bondi
2015    Raj Jain
2014    Nalini Elkins
2013    Lloyd G. Williams, Ph.D.
2012    Gary M. King
2011    Adam Grummitt
2010    Michael Salsburg, Ph.D.
2009    Bruce McNutt
2008    Dr. Neil J. Gunther · Acceptance Speech Slides
2007    Adrian Cockcroft · Acceptance Speech Slides
2006    Steve Samson
2005    Mark Friedman
2004    Dr. Annie W. Shum
2003    Dr. Alan Jay Smith
2002    Dr. T. Leo Lo
2001    Dr. Daniel Menasce
2000    Ray Wicks
1999    Cheryl Watson
1998    Bernard Pierce
1997    George Dodson
1996    David R. Morley
1995    Aubrey G. Chernick
1994    Dr. Arnold Allen
1993    Dr. Yonathan Bard
1992    Dr. Bernie Domanski
1991    J. W. Mullen
1990    Mario Morino
1987    Dr. Domenico Ferrari
1986    Dr. Connie U. Smith
1985    Dr. Mani Chandy
1984    Dr. H. Pat Artis
1983    Phillip C. Howard
1982    Dr. H. W. Barry Merrill
1981    Donald R. Deese
1980    David J. Schumacher
1979    Dr. Jeffrey P. Buzen
1978    C. Dudley Warner
1976    Phillip J. Kiviat
1975    Dr. Thomas E. Bell
1974    Kenneth W. Kolence


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