The CMG Journal Fall will be released soon. In it is a paper by Ashutosh Shinde which applies a simple concept, Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to a very complex problem.

Imagine a smaller – or younger - organization with performance problems, you know the business, the stack, you know when the issues started, you remember what happened when you integrated that last piece. You can likely start your audit straight away and wrap it in days.

Now imagine you are a 100+ year old international bank. There is software (and a team) for everything in your business. Externally, you have E-banking, Corporate Internet Banking, Mobile Apps, and SMS applications. Internally, you have CRM, Procurement, Account Management, Payment Gateways and more. If each application impacts the other in some way, where would you start?

Ashutosh Shinde addresses a systematic process called AHP in his paper Selecting Enterprise Applications for Performance Audit Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Shinde offers the basic steps of AHP and applies them to our banking scenario to help performance managers use a structured decision making approach to reduce audit time.