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Unlocking Visibility into z/OS Disk & Tape Environments

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January 6, 2017
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February 14, 2017

Unlocking Visibility into z/OS Disk & Tape Environments

Focusing on z/OS storage operations and performance, this webinar will demonstrate how to leverage mainframe performance data to provide predictive intelligence that will enhance your availability and bring value to your z/OS ops and performance management teams.

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What You’ll Learn:

During the webinar, Lee and Burt will demonstrate how you can:

  • Deliver a completely new level of insights to outsmart service disruptions by seeing bottlenecks as they develop and eliminate hidden inefficiencies.
  • Rate z/OS performance metrics as good, warning, or bad based on the context.
  • Track root causes, provide recommendations to find the solution, and accurately predict upcoming problems before they can cause an outage or SLA violation.
  • Analyze the data using embedded z/OS specific hardware expertise to provide deeper and faster understanding of the DASD, Replication and Tape infrastructure.
  • Visualize the performance risk and optimization opportunities within your environment.

About the Presenters:

Lee LaFrese, Senior Storage Performance Consultant

Lee joined IntelliMagic in March 2012 as a Senior Performance Consultant after spending 32+ years with IBM.  At IBM, he was a Senior Technical Staff Member and the technical lead for Enterprise Disk Storage Performance.  Lee worked with products across the IBM storage portfolio including mainframe distributed and iSeries storage offerings.  Lee holds several storage related patents, has written numerous whitepapers and blogs and has been a frequent presenter at storage industry conferences.

Burt Loper, Senior Storage Performance Consultant

Burt Loper is a Senior Consultant at IntelliMagic. He joined after working for IBM for over 30 years. Burt has been focused on IBM TS7700 environments for over 10 years and has developed reports for BVIR and TS7700 analysis for large IBM customers. His focuses on IntelliMagic’s new products, provides enhancement ideas, and helps to support customers as a deep knowledge expert.


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