Big Data Speaker Session Highlights - Computer Measurement Group

Big Data Speaker Session Highlights

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September 20, 2016
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September 30, 2016

Big Data Speaker Session Highlights

Big Data Speaker Session Highlights


The premier international event designed for and by performance and capacity professionals

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Enterprise Performance Assurance Based on Big Data Analytics


Boris Zibitsker, CEO of BEZNext

Today’s fast-paced businesses have to make business decisions in real time. That creates pressure on IT leaders to develop Big Data infrastructure and applications capable to process large volume of data from different sources, apply advanced analytics and present recommendations in real time.

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Best Practices – Populating Big Data Repositories from DB2, IMS and VSAM 



Larry Strickland, Chief Products Officer, DataKinetics

As Big Data repositories are becoming more strategic to an enterprise, the need to populate them from legacy mainframe databases is percolating to the top of the priority list. Moving business-critical mainframe data into Hadoop, NoSQL or other Big Data databases presents a number of challenges vs populating a relational based data warehouse.

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Assure Big Data Application Performance



Praveen Rao Gennepally, Performance Engineering CDG & Tech Mahindra

The sheer volume of data increases the complexity of big data applications and performance evaluation cannot be done in the traditional way resulting in delayed implementation, poor user experience in production and increase in cost of big data application performance assurance

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Bonus Training:
CMG-T: Using Hadoop, MapReduce, and Spark to Process Big Data 



Odysseas Pentakalos, CTO, SYSNET International

In this tutorial we will first introduce the audience to Hadoop and the MapReduce framework and how they can be utilized to process large amounts of data. We will then discuss the Spark distributed data processing engine, stream processing systems such as Kafka and Storm. This is a 3 part tutorial.

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Full Week Attendees will enjoy:

  • 100+ hours of education

  • 30+ hours of training

  • Nightly entertainment and networking



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