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CMG imPACt Call for Papers

CMG is Making an imPACt
March 10, 2016
Volunteers wanted for CMG imPACt pre-conference positions
March 29, 2016

CMG imPACt Call for Papers


 The premier international event designed for and by performance and capacity professionals

You can make an impact in 2016 by submitting a paper to be considered for presentation at this year’s conference. Share your wealth of experience and knowledge from the podium at imPACt 2016. Be sure to submit your abstract before the May 16, 2016 deadline. Click here to learn more.


 Subject Areas & Related Topics


Cloud Performance and capacity in the cloud, microservices, scaling, elasticity, utilization. Cloud performance tools and benchmarks.


Big Data Performance and scalability of Hadoop, Spark, Graph solutions. Languages of Big Data and their performance. Profiling and logging tools. Benchmarking.


Mobile Android, iOS, Windows mobile, hand held devices and operating systems, Designing responsive solutions for mobile, performance testing on mobile devices.


Cyber Security Performance and Capacity challenges and solutions in the age of cyber security. Predicting and measuring the impact of cyber security.


Virtualization VMware, HyperV, PowerVM, Linux on z etc.


System Z Capacity and Performance topics related to operating systems and applications that run on IBM mainframes (z/OS. z/VSE, zVM, zTPF).


Network Capacity & Performance Data LAN, WAN, Internet, wireless networking, capacity and performance monitoring, forecasting analysis and reporting.


Storage Managing, capacity reporting, performance analysis and prediction for storage on servers, SAN and Cloud including backup and data protection.


Application Performance Management & SPE Application performance testing and modeling, web performance, workload optimization, Software Performance Engineering (SPE).


IT Service Management Capacity and Performance as a managed ITIL process. Value creation though effective management of IT performance and capacity and cost across the enterprise.


Analysis & Reporting of Capacity & Performance Data Collecting, analyzing and reporting of capacity and performance data, techniques for effectively presenting data including data visualization and reporting.


Organizational & Cultural Industry trends impacting capacity and performance management, cultural and organization impacts, career management and information for capacity and performance professionals.


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We will see you on November 7-10, 2016 in La Jolla, CA for imPACt 2016!

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