CMG Education means value for your organization - Computer Measurement Group

CMG Education means value for your organization

Webinar: Outsmart SAN Storage Unavailability Incidents
November 30, 2015
CMG Webinar Series – Understanding VMware’s new Virtual Volumes
December 30, 2015

CMG Education means value for your organization



What makes CMG unique to businesses?

Being a part of the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) helps your business in all facets, exposing you to solutions that will bring direct benefits.

Through connections made and educational opportunities a membership with CMG can help you to:

  • Determine the best forecasting and budgeting methods
  • Create comparisons on capital expenditures based on other companies Are you over configured? Under configured?
  • Understand the best performance and capacity platforms that are cost-effective and improve response time

Start building connections with performance and capacity planning practitioners, educators, platform owners, senior executives, industry partners, and more.

CMG is your gateway to solving problems and measuring success. 


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What are other capacity professionals saying about CMG membership?

“CMG membership provides the best, most current, and broadest performance and capacity management papers and learning opportunities”

 “CMG is the only organization with a single focus on performance and capacity related topics.”

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