businessman holding a tablet with graphics on a screen on the taThe Computer Measurement Group is the most influential organization for the exchange of information among CPE professionals. A great deal of our success is due to the quality of our member-generated publications: MeasureIT, the CMG Conference Proceedings, and the CMG Journal.


MeasureIT is CMG’s free monthly newsletter, published in the second week of each month. Written by and for computer professionals, MeasureIT features informative articles, CMG regional and national updates, book reviews, and more! MeasureIT is available online, and you can subscribe and get MeasureIT delivered straight to your inbox. Just fill in your email address in the form on the right.

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CMG Conference Proceedings

The CMG Proceedings is the official CMG Conference publication that contains all the papers presented at our Conference. These papers are blind refereed and go through an Editorial Review Board. The CMG Proceedings are distributed electronically to attendees at the CMG Conference. You can also purchase access by becoming a member. All of past year's conference proceedings are available online for your convenience.

The CMG Journal

The CMG Journal is published three times per year and includes papers that are accepted throughout the year. Each edition focuses on varying topics and subject areas, and the special International Edition (Autumn) contains papers from CMG international regions around the world. Papers in the Journal are refereed (not blind) and go through an Editorial Review Board. The CMG Journal is distributed electronically to CMG members. All of the past journal issues are available to members online for your convenience. Not a CMG member? Sign up today!

The Journal is always looking for authors. If you have a paper you would like considered for the Journal please send it in to

The CMG Bulletin

Another publication, the CMG Bulletin contained CMG news and items of interest. This type of content is now included in Member's Area. The CMG Bulletin is currently published online and sent electronically to active members. Not a CMG member? Please consider joining! Sign up Today!