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Saint Louis Computer Measurement Group

The St. Louis Computer Measurement Group “STLCMG” is a regional chapter of the Computer Measurement Group, Inc.

July 17, 2018 | Presentations

Annual Seat Pricing

• Cost is $100 for 1 seat to 4 STL-CMG Meetings .
• Regular price is $25 per meeting.
• Go to management only once per year for money .
• Don’t worry about missing the early-bird-cut-off.
• Can be used by anyone in your company.
• Can be used for any meeting during the year.
• Mix and match attendees and meetings.

Number of seats is the total number of seats for the year.  Seats are assigned to a company, not a particular person.  If one person attends all four meeting, then the number of seats  is 4.  If two people attend three meetings, then the number of seats is 6.

Upcoming Events

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