Webinar – Cloud and Code Day – Hosted by CMG Canada and Sponsored by Red Seal - Computer Measurement Group

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Webinar – Cloud and Code Day – Hosted by CMG Canada and Sponsored by Red Seal

April 24, 2018


CMG Canada presents three webinars on Tuesday, April 24th – “Cloud and Code Day”, sponsored by RedSeal, is part of the regional group’s annual two-day conference*. These webinars are free for CMG members and for Canadian residents; others can register for a nominal fee. All times given are Eastern Daylight (UTC-4h).

09:05-10:05 Capacity Management Essentials: a Framework for Capacity Analysis – Debbie Sheetz, MBI Solutions

  • ABSTRACT: What are the essential steps of a Capacity Analysis? This is an introduction to the topic, focusing on the required elements. We begin with defining the purpose of the capacity study, analyze historical measurements, proceed to the ‘what-if’ phase, and report our results. Actual capacity study content is used to illustrate the principles described.
  • PRESENTER: Debbie joined the Capacity Practice of MBI Solutions, LLC as a Principal Consultant in August 2015. She provides in and out-of-the-box solutions for capacity and performance questions as a Professional Service, specializing in Distributed Systems platforms and BMC Software’s Capacity Management software. Originally hired to work on the first version of BEST/1 at BGS Systems, she had 38 years of experience developing and supporting capacity and performance analysis software with BMC Software/BGS Systems. She provided applied solutions for performance analysis and capacity planning challenges for customers, partners, and BMC field consultants. Based in Customer Support, she worked with product engineering and marketing on refining existing solutions and designing new solutions. Prior to working on Distributed Systems performance management products, she had extensive involvement with AS/400 and mainframe product support and development.


10:15-11:15 Expose Performance Bugs in Any Running Java Process – Erik Ostermueller, Fidelity

  • ABSTRACT: “We have no decent monitoring” “We don’t have a license for the expensive APM tool.” “JMX is not enabled.” “No profiler installed.” “That causes too much overhead.” “I don’t have access to that environment.” Aren’t these excuses all too familiar? They’re like defeatist IT poetry, complaining why it’s Impossible to find the root cause of that performance problem. Indeed — some performance bugs are extremely tough to detect and fix. But with mTDp (manual Thread Dump profiling), more so than any other platform (.NET, nodejs, Go, C++, COBOL, etc…), Java comes dangerously close to exposing performance bugs in any running process… not just those processes/JVMs meticulously configured with just the right visibility tools. How is this possible? By vastly expanding the number and types of problems that can be discovered with a simple thread dumps using the JDK’s jstack utility, available in any running JVM/JDK. This presentation will show you how!
  • PRESENTER: Erik is the author of Troubleshooting Java Performance. He has spent the last 10 years tuning high-throughput Java financial systems in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. In 2011, he wrote a CMG paper entitled “How to Help Developers (Finally) Find Their Own Performance Defects”, that won Best Paper and the Mullen Award for best speaker. The proceeds of this award financed an eight-city speaking tour in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Italy. Ostermueller is the founder of heapSpank.org and wuqiSpank.org and a contributor to JMeter-Plugins and other open source projects.

15:50-16:50 Security Metrics that Don’t Suck – Dr. Mike Lloyd, RedSeal

  • ABSTRACT: Security is an interesting discipline for those interested in measurement since security is most easily defined as the absence of something bad happening.  Measuring the absence of something is not easy, and many different approaches have been tried.  This talk will cover the challenges, several failed approaches, and some successes based on a decade or so of work in network modeling and risk scoring.  Discussion and feedback are positively encouraged.
  • PRESENTER: Dr. Mike has more than 25 years of experience in the modeling and control of fast-moving, complex systems. He has been granted 21 patents on security, network assessment, and dynamic network control. Before joining RedSeal, he was Chief Technology Officer at RouteScience Technologies (acquired by Avaya), where he pioneered self-optimizing networks. Mike served as principal architect at Cisco on the technology used to overlay MPLS VPN services across service provider backbones. He joined Cisco through the acquisition of Netsys Technologies, where he was the senior network modeling engineer. Mike is a contributing member of the Forbes Technology Council. Mike holds a degree in mathematics from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, and a PhD in stochastic epidemic modeling from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.



April 24, 2018
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