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Ohio Valley CMG 2021 Spring Teleconference

April 8, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT



Ohio Valley CMG is planning a teleconference for April 8, 2021. This meeting will be conducted over Zoom, and will have two presentations and a panel discussion about how COVID-19 has changed IT. Admission is free but we do ask that you register. Zoom details will be sent out a day or two before our meeting. We expect to start at 9:00 EDT and finish by about noon.


08:30 Early gathering for those who want to network before the meeting

09:00 Introductions and Kickoff

09:05 What is possible for z/OS development, even offline or remote?

10:00 Predict Bad Things Before They Happen… Even if You Haven’t Seen Them Before

11:00 How COVID-19 Has Changed IT (Panel Discussion)

12:00ish Wrapup



Jerry Edgington (Western Southern Insurance): What is possible for z/OS development, even offline or remote?

In this presentation we will explore what is possible in the day in the life of a modern programmer.  Showing how a developer might work, even offline/remote from z/OS, including testing.  How would they get their work? Where would they find problems or issues to fix? What can be developed and tested, even when disconnected and only running locally.  Could the developer, try some new “things” out, without impacting anyone, including in CICS, DB2, or IMS? What would the pipeline, workflow or life cycle management, look like? Could a developer, develop an application from end to end? Could we remove all the manual steps from development to production deployment? How could multiple developers work on the same source code, at the same time, and not impact each other?

These are some of the questions, I hope we will be able to answer or show a path to answering these questions, but the end of the session.

Nigel Slinger (BMC) Predict Bad Things Before They Happen… Even if You Haven’t Seen Them Before

Bad things just happen. Whether it’s a performance slow down or a service disruption, it has an impact on our enterprises whether it be revenue, productivity or both. Over the decades we’ve built our monitors to help ease that problem, but it is only most effective if we’ve experienced the problem before. Machine Learning solutions learn from past events including performance slowdowns and service disruptions much like humans would. In other words, many machine learning solutions out there today would have to experience the problem at least once before it can predict it. What if there was a combination of machine learning components, that when put together, are able to see those bad things even if you’ve never encountered them before? We’ll talk about those machine learning components and examples of how they can deliver truly predictive machine learning solutions.

Panel Discussion: How COVID-19 Has Changed IT

Have you experienced changes in the way you manager performance and capacity for your systems as a result of the COVID-19 impacts?  Have you been wondering if other sites are seeing impacts?  Looking for additional ideas, including what worked and what didn’t work, on how to address the changes imposed by the pandemic?  Are recent changes just anomalies, or will the future of IT be changed permanently? Join us for a panel discussion of the impacts and changes of COVID on IT.  Several IT professionals from organizations in our area will be answering these questions and more in this special session.

Attendance is free, so register now!

Questions, please contact: Ann Knapik, [email protected]


April 8, 2021
9:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT
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