Stay Sharp in today’s knowledge economy! Develop your skills with self-study online education. - Computer Measurement Group

Stay Sharp in today’s knowledge economy! Develop your skills with self-study online education.

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June 5, 2023
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June 12, 2023

New Online Courses and a Free Course Offer

CMG is excited to announce that we have partnered with MindEdge Learning to bring you more than 300 self-paced online courses and certificates to help you expand your skill set and earn professional credits. You may choose from over 300 courses and certificates in a variety of categories, and CMG members can receive a 10% course discount.

These self-paced, online courses and simulations cover many of the skills that are most in demand in today’s marketplace. Developed by business school professors, industry professionals, and subject matter experts, all courses are designed to enhance skills in technology, leadership, project management, business communications,  management, human resource, creativity, critical thinking, and more. They are accessible from any computer and also available on mobile, so they are perfect for those with a busy schedule who need flexibility. Most of the courses allow at least 60 days for course completion and provide a mix of learning methods including video clips, gamification, problem-solving, reading, and quizzes.

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Featured Course:

Certificate in Agile Project Management

👍 98% Rating


Certificate Description

Agile project management practices have become the standard for software development projects. More recently, Agile has grown beyond software projects as more and more companies adopt Agile concepts and methodologies. Individuals who have a solid understanding of Agile have a distinct advantage in today’s changing project management atmosphere. The courses included in this certificate program will provide managers the basic foundation they need to become competent Agile practitioners. The program introduces the learner to the basic methodologies, practices, and key concepts of Agile and enables the learner to explore, through case studies, many of the common challenges of working on an Agile team.

Individual courses offered in this certificate program are listed below.

Courses Included in this Certificate

  • Introduction to Agile
  • Integrating Agile Into a Waterfall Environment
  • Challenges for Agile Teams
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