Cloud Cost Optimization at Spotify – Scott Meyer - Computer Measurement Group

Cloud Cost Optimization at Spotify – Scott Meyer

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Cloud Cost Optimization at Spotify – Scott Meyer

Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with over 345m users. We’re cloud native and scaling fast – we’ll describe our challenges and approaches on balancing speed and costs at scale. Our Cloud Optimization team focuses on applying FinOps principles to understanding cloud costs, where it’s beneficial to optimize, and how to inspire engineering teams to take action. We’ll dig deeper into reserved instance strategy, allocating shared costs, and how to relate cloud costs to metrics that matter to the business. We’ll go in depth on product level optimizations such as compute, storage, and managed services in the cloud.

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About the Speaker

Scott Meyer is a Sr. Analyst, Cloud Optimization at Spotify. He is passionate about cloud optimizations at scale. He has previously held roles as a Sr. Capacity Planner at DigitalOcean – a public cloud provider, Cloud Architect and Capacity Planner at Allstate, Performance Engineer at Accenture, and Capacity Planner at JPMorgan Chase. He is based in New York.

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