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July 13, 2020
Solving the hidden costs of Kubernetes with distributing tracing- Video
July 14, 2020

Solving the hidden costs of Kubernetes with distributing tracing

Kubernetes has enabled software organizations to realize the benefits of microservices through its convenient and powerful abstractions. Deploying, scaling, and running distributed software at scale is much easier through the use of Kubernetes.
However, these benefits have not come without costs compared to traditional software operations. Spiraling monitoring expenses, the creation of single points of human failure, and a lack of understanding of service dependencies all contribute to significant hidden costs associated with running software with Kubernetes.

In this webcast, we’ll discuss

– How observability addresses these costs and helps you quantify and understand them.
– How new open source tools such as OpenTelemetry can help you understand performance of cloud-native software.
– How you can easily get started using them today.

Speaker: Ishmeet Grewal, Solutions Architect at Lightstep <[email protected]>
As a Solutions Architect at Lightstep, Ishmeet partners with customers, Sales and engineering teams to craft scalable and flexible observability solutions that address customer business problems and accelerate the adoption of Lightstep. Prior to Lightstep, Ishmeet developed novel research solutions and patents at Accenture Labs, notably a framework for operationalizing machine learning models at scale. Ishmeet is passionate about creating observability solutions that directly deliver business value for diverse cloud architecture systems.


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