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A New Model for Cloud Adoption

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October 7, 2019
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A New Model for Cloud Adoption

A New Model for Cloud Adoption

Innovation is at the core of all technologists, and we want to understand and apply innovation to create value for our organizations.  With almost 10 years of cloud experience, Tony Johnson has created a cloud adoption model based on best practices and a wide variety of cloud estates consuming thousands of services called the “6 principles of a successful cloud strategy”.

In this video, you will learn how cloud leaders establish a best practice model to overcome cloud adoption challenges with value governance.

You will also learn:

      • How to implement proper strategy, process, technology and economics to build and manage your operating model for cloud.
      • Apply resource optimization and cost management capabilities that support the management of cloud.
      • Manage your multi-cloud journey that can enable automation, lifecycle management, and governance across cloud environments.

About our speaker: Tony Johnson (TJ) has over 25 years of technology experience from CIO, to managing data centers, to global speaker, and to cloud expert to name a few.  He started his professional career in finance and migrated to technology.  Currently, TJ consults with and supports organizations around the world with their cloud adoption and financial management of cloud to better understand how to use and buy cloud better

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