The XCHANGE: Infrastructure Virtual Conference – June 18, 2019 - Computer Measurement Group

The XCHANGE: Infrastructure Virtual Conference – June 18, 2019

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The XCHANGE: Infrastructure Virtual Conference – June 18, 2019

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The XCHANGE: Infrastructure Virtual Conference

June 18 @ 10:00 am3:00 pm EDT


Join us for the next conference in our virtual event series. This next event is all about scalability and reliability. THEXCHANGE will explore how IT infrastructure is evolving to keep pace with digital transformation, new technologies, and processes such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the necessity of keeping up with consumer demands.

THEXCHANGE will host a series of speakers to discuss mainframe, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures, edge computing, security and governance, and IT finance and planning.


  • Damaged Joy – Fixing Digital Experience | Taz Lake | Founder of Brightmill: Infrastructure and CX EditionIf you thought CX (Customer Experience) was just about a fancy retail store or a pretty website, you may be surprised. Infrastructure plays a critical role in gathering insights and building interactions with your customer. Through real-life examples, we will explore those, as well as the risks inherent in infrastructure dependencies, availability, and scalability. We will see how service delivery may be impacted and touch on the role of AI and Machine Learning in supporting infrastructure and better customer experience.
  • Edge Computing | Ashu Joshi | CEO/Founder at Movinture: The history of computing has gone through many phases. The early days of computer technology were dominated by physically large, centrally located mainframes, with thin terminals used by end-users. This centralized model migrated to mini-computers. The late 1980’s till early 2000s saw a shift where compute and storage became decentralized (and kind of local) with Desktop PCs and smaller and more powerful servers. The last decade has moved to a centralized model where computing, storage, and network have moved to the Cloud.This session covers an emerging paradigm – Edge Computing – where elements of computing, storage, and network are being moved closer in proximity to where these functions are best performed. We are in an era where Data is the new Oil. Edge computing brings compute (and to a certain degree storage & network) closer to where the data is being produced. Think of sensors producing a deluge of data.This session will provide an overview of how Edge Computing is going to impact and benefit from machine learning, distributed computing, IoT, decentralized technologies (like blockchain and distributed ledger) and hybrid computing.

QA Sessions:

  • Scott Adams – Chief Product Owner at HelpSystems
  • Charles Johnson – Senior Solutions Consultant at Syncsort

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