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Performance Formula and Reporting Fundamentals

April 23, 2015 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT



z/OS generates an almost unbelievable plethora of numbers measuring all aspects of the system. Products and home grown reporting solutions often synthesize additional measurements. Turning that data into information requires understanding how the measurements are derived and how to present them in a meaningful way.

During this session, Peter Enrico and Scott Chapman will review z/OS performance formula fundamentals, and the fundamentals of performance reporting. This well organized and informative session will not only be informative and useful, but also a great “back to basics” reminder of the performance formulas and report structures that are used by z/OS performance analysts on a daily basis.


Enrico_photoPeter Enrico, Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc.

Peter Enrico has strong and diverse experience with the IBM zArchitecture platforms, and a solid background in z/OS, Workload Manager, Parallel Sysplex, UNIX System Services, and WebSphere e-business performance. Peter also has extensive experience measuring, analyzing, and tuning z/OS systems, Sysplexes, and subsystems. Peter’s abilities extend beyond just z/OS performance and capacity planning. He is considered a highly qualified and effective communicator and seminar instructor.

Peter is the lead designer and developer for Pivotor®. Pivotor® is a web based z/OS SMF performance data mining, reporting, and analysis solution for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly z/OS performance and capacity reporting. Since Pivotor® also includes a subcomponent to extract SMF data, it is a very powerful SMF data reporting and analysis solution.

Peter regularly teaches z/OS performance classes and as a member of Enterprise Performance Strategies, Inc., he works as a performance consultant for companies interested in optimizing their performance z/OS systems.

Peter Enrico is one of the most highly regarded z/OS performance consultants and z/OS performance workshop instructors. Due to his diverse and unique set of both technical and communication skills, on a regular basis, many customers, vendors, and even IBM, tap Peter’s zArchitecture, z/OS Workload Manager, WebSphere on z/OS, e-business, Parallel Sysplex, and UNIX Systems Services performance knowledge. Peter has published a variety of presentations and papers on these subjects.

Scott Chapman has over two decades of experience in the IBM mainframe environment. Much of this experience has focusedon performance, from both the application and systems perspective. He’s written COBOL application code and Assembler system exit code. His mainframe responsibilities have spanned application development, performance tuning, capacity planning, software cost management, system tuning, sysplex configuration, WLM configuration, and most other facets of keeping a mainframe environment running effectively. Scott has spoken extensively at user group meetings and was honored to receive the Computer Measurement Group’s 2009 Mullen award, and also co-authored CMG’s 2012 best paper. Scott is a founding steering committee member of the Central Ohio Mainframe User’s Group.

For details of Peter’s performance workshop and seminar schedule, his services, and access to past papers and presentations, please visit or

For a free mini-measurement and z/OS performance analysis, please do not hesitate to contact Peter for more details.

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April 23, 2015
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT
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