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Executive Insights Series

Where the top executives in the country discuss Digital Transformation

The Executive Insights Event Series brings together many of the top executives in the country to discuss ongoing digital transformation topics including Blockchain, Machine Learning, Security, IoT, Digital Process, and Hybrid Infrastructures.

CMG prides itself on its vast network of professionals that represents the totality of the modern business environment. As part of that network, we have a North American database of executives who represent a myriad of industries from finance to insurance, from technology to manufacturing, and more—company sizes range from 200 to 20,000 employees.

The opportunities for your company are many: building relationships, learning about the latest digital transformation trends, promoting your brand through exposure to thought leaders, and connecting with experts and influencers face to face, and more.

In 2019, CMG will host several Executive Insights events across North America. This is an opportunity to sponsor both events and to be in front of this audience of thought leaders and decision makers.

These Executive Insights events will host 40 to 50 decision makers in key cities for a half-day of speaker sessions, panels, roundtables, and networking.

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