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What and Why

What are you trying to relay in your presentation?

Just for a minute, set aside everything you think you want to include in your presentation. Don’t look at it.

Instead, think for a few minutes about what message or learning you are trying to get across to the audience. This practice is easier for some presentations than for others, but it very important.

  • Are you trying to teach a process or methodology?
  • Are you sharing with them the results of a research study?
  • Are you providing them an update that you’ve provided in the past but now have new data to share?

It’s important to know the point of your presentation before you get started in building your presentation and the deck.

Take these steps:

  1. Write down the overarching goal of your presentation.
  2. What pieces of information are vital to reaching that goal?
  3. What pieces of information are relevant but not vital?